Civic Association based of the year 2005 is a legal entity which operates as an independent, non-political organization which develops by its activities democracy, human rights and freedom and contributes to the development of civic activities.The association promotes regional development, lifelong learning, organizes and promotes training courses for unemployed people and people fifty+ and develops contacts and partnership with education institutions.

Its main objectives are:

– To support by its activities dissemination of common European values, promotion European Union and promoting life in the EU, cooperation between European nations, cross-border cooperation, integration of common rules and networking relations among people in area of travel, work, study, culture, environment, habits, regional development.

– Encourage the development of lifelong learning and the development of non-formal education.

– Promote regional development, local government, sustainable regional development and employment.

– Promote business development, tourism development, the creation of a standard business environment.

– Support the establishment and development of culture, its presentation and mutual cultural exchange between nations.